Monday, January 30, 2012

Motivated Monday

Ok, ok - so I need to work on my blogging skills. This is very evident to myself (and my small audience out there). I have labeled my Mondays now as Motivated Mondays - something to make the rest of the week go well. What is Motivated Mondays, Tristan? - you might be asking. Well - for me it is going to be the day that I do those nagging tasks that have been sitting on the "To Do" list and need to get done. I personally like to do fun tasks: make lists, organize yarn, crochet, etc. I do not particularly enjoy doing the laundry, cleaning, or sitting in front of a computer after my real job. It isn't that I don't like blogging- I believe this will be an important timepiece for myself - but the thought of sitting down at a computer after I just did that for 8+ hours...not attractive. 

So, today is Monday! My first Motivated Monday to be more specific. Today I:

  • Picked up a check from Play It Again Sports. I decided to sell my snowboard and put the money towards T.L.Creations. Unfortunately, the year I decide to this - Mother Nature decides to skip winter. Luckily - someone still bought the snowboard!
  • Completed 2 loads of laundry
  • Cleaned both bathrooms
  • Finished 2 Sleepy Owl Hats
  • Did my homework from sewing class. I needed to top stitch a border on a pillow case I am making. I am so excited to finish this on Wednesday in class at Stitcher’s Dream. I plan on making more of these – so many possibilities!
  •  Developed an After Work Routine. I need routine in my life – I feel in a state of chaos without it. After work – I was feeling like I was wasting time. Hopefully my new routine will kick that to the curb!
  • Cleaned my desk from the debris that they “tornado” left behind. That’s my story – I’m sticking to it.
  • Wrote a blog post  
I am really proud of my Motivated Monday. And to boot - I worked an 8+ hour day! 
In my last post, I had a goal of making 15 Elena Cowls. Well, I did try oh-so-hard, but fell short of my goal. I did end up making 8 - which I am happy with that. Most are posted in my Etsy store - take a look!
Last week - crocheting took a real hit. I'm not sure where my time went! Last week was supposed to be making Owl Hats. I didn't make one. I did make 2 Suzy Q Kitchen Sets that still need to be listed on Etsy. So I am now officially behind. 

I have decided I need to focus on 4 main items for the craft show in March. I think I am going to go with crochet edged fleece blankets, hats, cowls, and hand warmers. My fear - Mother Nature takes an even more bizarre turn than it already has and it's 80 degrees in March....things to think about. 

To conclude today's productive post - I ask you join me in Motivated Mondays. Let me know what is on your To Do list that is just starring at you - taunting you. Do that load of laundry, clean that toilet, or even better yet - enjoy crossing off that nagging task :)


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